Mothers Day Shayari Sms

  • A Mother Is The Truest,
    A Mother Is The Truest Friend We Have,
    When Trials Heavy And Sudden, Fall Upon Us,
    When Adversity Takes The Place Of Prosperity,
    When Friends Who Rejoice With
    Us In Our Sunshine Desert Us,
    When Trouble Thickens Around Us,
    Still Will She Cling To Us,
    And Endeavor By Her Kind Precepts And
    Counsels To Dissipate The Clouds Of Darkness,
    And Cause Peace To Return To Our Hearts.
    Wishing You Happy Mother’s Day.
  • You Are The Best Mom,
    Growing Up Could Not Have Been Any Better,
    That’s Because You Worked So Hard To Provide Us Shelter.
    Your Decisions In Life Have Always Had Our Well-Being As Your Priority,
    They Still Do, Even Though We Are Almost Thirty.
    Where Would I Be Without A Mom Like You?
    With Luck, Probably In The Zoo.You Are The Best Mom A Son Could Ask For,
    Because I Am Luckier Than A Kid In A Candy Store.

    The Hard Work You Have Done In Your Life Does Not Go Unnoticed,
    This Is Affirmation That I Feel Really Blessed.

    But It Is Time For You To Sit Back And Enjoy Life,
    There Is No Need For All This Strife.

    That Is Because I Promise This To You On Mother’s Day,
    That I Will Be On Your Side Until You Are Old And Gray.
    Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Tomorrow Is Mother Day,
    Tomorrow is very important in our life.
    Tomorrow is only for that person.
    Who sacrifice her life,her happiness
    and all her time only for us.
    DO u know whats tomorrow.
    Tomorrow is mother day.
    you must be wished ur mother.
    you must say to her I love u mother,
    Mom i m incomplete without u.
    I m thankful to u for my good up bring.
    Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Each Day Throughout The Year
    Somehow we always say the least
    to those we love the best
    and hope our thoughts
    are understood.
    Although they’re unexpressed
    That’s why it means
    so very much,
    when days like this are here
    to say how very much
    you’re loved
    each day throughout the year.
    Happy Mother’s Day,